Life gets hard, it gets stressful. It gets even harder and more stressful when you have things that happen that shouldn’t. Like extra children joining your household, or parrts of your family decides to fight against what you are trying to do. Especially when it is for them and their children. I have been waiting for my nieces social security cards for well over 4 months now. My lawyer finally got tired of me gripping on him about them and finally filed a motion to get them. I need them to get my nieces into counseling without them the counselor refuses to see them. SO my sister only after seeing the motion comes forward and claims she had no idea I needed them. She then proceeds to tell the lawyer she will have them to me by Monday that was Friday it is now Wednesday and still no cards or birth certificates. I would like to say I am surprised however I am not.

My sister is so salty that the judge gave me custody she has done everything in her power to irritate my life! Anything from driving by my house constantly to refusing the times I am available to do her weekly supervised visitation. Instead on focusing on herself and getting her life together she is trying to ruin mine. This is the time for her to save up money, take some parenting classes, kick her drug dealing bf to the curb, rebuild family bonds and much much more.

It is sad when you can literally sit back and watch two precious little girls grow up knowing their mother will miss it. It may be easier if it had been from the mother being deceased as opposed to the parent actually being alive and well and just choosing to opt out. It is a very heart breaking realization.

I took my oldest niece her first counseling session today (I got the social security number from the doctor’s office whom was tired of seeing my struggle),She showed the counselor how incredibly smart she was. I was so proud of her!

I explained how yes she should of been going into 1st grade however it was said she couldn’t remember her address and the school wouldn’t take her (this was a lie). So the counsel was asking me for my address for her records, and there was my 6 year old niece so proudly stating our address to her. This confused the counselor. I had to explain that she had learned  my address after 3 days of being placed in my care so the issue wasn’t she couldn’t remember it was she was never taught it. She then after hearing that went on to brag about her 4 year old sister also knowing our address.

These girls are like sponges! And I mean sponges they will remember  anything if they practice enough. Such as my cell phone number after just an hour of repeating it out loud. There is absolutely no reason why either of them shouldn’t of already been in school. I have them both enrolled into school, and their mom is insisting on them going to  their step-brother’s school which is 2 towns away. Like I said anything and everything to irritate me. I am just happy it is not up to her or she would have me driving over an hour to take them to school, just because she doesn’t have to do the driving.

I am doing my best to let most of this go in one ear and out the other. AND I give huge props to daddy’s that have to deal  with mothers who do this constantly keeping your cool is not always easy. And that is 18 years of it! Once again if your a daddy and you have to deal with a woman like this, I am proud of you for not killing her because trust me the struggle is real! Not that anyone would really kill the baby momma over things like this but seriously do they ever stop and think about how this affects the children?

As adult we need to remember little ears have big mouths. They hear and see everything and repeat and act just like you. Be kind to each other no matter how hard it is.  We need to teach them to treat others as we want others to treat us.  We need to teach them patience.