So my 12 year comes to me and says we need to talk. Oh boy I think to myself. Am I prepared for this? No, I wasn’t. What she wanted to talk about was a boy. A Boy who wanted to date her. My baby girl. She went on to tell me I figured I would tell you that I was going to accept his invitation to be his girlfriend. Ok…I am the type of person who investigates. I quickly got on Facebook and messaged my friend whom had a son in my daughter’s grade. She quickly replied back that this boy my daughter wanted to date was bad news. He almost got her son kicked out of school and likes to pressure girls into doing things. I am not cool with some little 12 -13 year old boy pressuring my daughter into anything!

So I tell my daughter basically in no uncertain terms that if this boy wants to date her he must jump through hoops. One such thing I am requiring him to do is fill out the boyfriend application bf-app. She looked it over and quickly denied it. She claims most info on that is not relevant. I disagree. 

I agreed to meet this boy and give him a chance even though it is against my better judgement. I also snuck the boyfriend application to her little sister with instructions to give it to said boy. I almost can’t wait to receive it back.

I am raising 4 girls currently between mine and my sisters girls, I am not prepared for any of them to begin dating any boys at all.