I love camping. I couldn’t wait until my girls were old enough to appreciate it for all of it’s glory. This past summer my girls were 12 and 13, and finally willing to go. Over the years I have been keeping in mind things my mother had done for us as a child along with things I had seen on Pinterest. I had pinned so many different tricks and tips from Pinterest.

I have created a “camping tote”. I use totes for everything! In my camping tote, I have things I only use for camping. I have a designated spatula and tongs, baby wipes, my fire starter, paper plates, plastic silverware, knives, flashlights, hand sanitizer, and more. I will add a list at the bottom. I plan on swapping out paper plates for camp like cookware and eatware.

One of the most space saving things I had come across was hanging fishing poles from the the handles of the vehicle. Since I have a 3rd row seating truck they couldn’t just lay in the back. So I took 3 sets of bungee cords stretched from one side to the other. Each section has 2 bungee cords I laid all of my fishing poles on top and in between them I used zip ties to keep them separated. Best thing ever! No more taking them out to go grocery shopping or swimming or even hunting. The best part is I can leave them in my vehicle. And I am always prepared to go fishing anytime anywhere.


(Picture above isn’t my vehicle)

Next time I would like to share is my fire starter. This one takes some time getting use to but well worth it. I keep a small grocery bag or a 1 gallon zip lock bag next to my dryer. Whenever I empty my dryer lint I place it directly into the bag/zip lock baggie. When you want to start a fire just simply place some of the lint under a pile of wood and light. Seriously that easy! No more using store bought fire starters, gas, or any other method. There is no limit to the amount you can use either. Use a little or use a lot. Collect it all year long. I use the lint to start my backyard fires on Friday nights.

dryer lint

If you’re like me I like my seasonings but I hate the bulk when camping. So another great way to save space but still enjoy great taste is using smaller containers. Containers such as tic-tac containers, plastic straws (with the ends melted).

I always have aluminum foil. I place it over the grill part while I am cooking. The grill is often the bottom part from my grill at home. You can never be to prepared. Yes it is always gunky or black so to transport it to the campsite I place it inside a trash bag (this way my vehicle does not get dirty with the black stuff). I also use aluminum foil to cook my potatoes and carrots on the grill. I simply cut the potatoes in half add carrots and butter whatever seasons close it up and throw it on the flames. Flip occasionally and then enjoy the awesomeness!

I always pack bug spray and sunscreen. But taking sage with you is also a good idea. Just throw some sage into your campfire and the mosquitos will leave you alone. Listerine is also a great thing to use for bugs. Mixed 50/50 with household vinegar then sprayed all over body and the ground around your tents.

Things I keep in my camping tote:

  • Baby wipes
  • Flashlights
  • Aluminum foil
  • Sage
  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • My firestarter
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Plates
  • Silverware
  • Bug wipes (I like the kind from Avon)
  • Listerine
  • Sparklers
  • Trashbags

*Of course before going camping I add more but these items always stay in the tote